the Green Bay Packers record of only one draw and four losses


Aaron – during Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) due to broken collarbone sidelined , the Green Bay Packers record of only one draw and four losses , although this is not enough to allow them to withdraw from the National League North playoff spot competition.2013 Cheap Jerseys
Rogers is currently on the comeback this season, the message can vary. Before Thanksgiving Day game Rogers had accepted an interview with ESPN , he expressed the hope that he could return in Week 14 against the Atlanta Falcons in the game . But the NFL Radio Network Ian – Rapoport and ESPN – Chris Mortensen were revealed on Sunday , the Packers again in order to prevent injuries Rogers could not let him back on the court this season .Cheap Trade Nike NFL Jerseys
“Although Rogers ‘s determination to enhance the comeback , but sources said the doctors are more willing to take a conservative approach , and the decision-making Packers also very contradictory , ” Mortensen writes. “In particular, the case does not have enough confidence in the team reached the Super Bowl the next .”Cheap NFL Men’s Custom Jerseys
After the defeat to the Lions team , Packers coach Mike – McCarthy sidelined for Rogers expressed feelings of regret . “You can not be all things pinned on one person , but apparently Rogers is too important for us .”
Packers will play Sunday at home against the Falcons , after which they will challenge the Dallas Cowboys on the road , the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears .


The Seahawks sitting home advantage from a full opening to fire


The game is known as the League of Nations finals preview , Saints and Seahawks are showing these two teams compete for the National League champion ‘s strength , this season the two teams have never lost at home , but today’s game in Seattle conducted .Cheap Jerseys

In the passion of the home fans cry , accustomed to the warm climate of the South and the home of the Saints came to Seattle in the room seemed to be somewhat acclimatized. Saints three times before the ball did not get the first attack , creating an embarrassing record : Sean – Payton (Sean Peyton) Gardner Rub Rees (Drew Brees) teacher and student were the first group since 2006 three times before the ball did not get a first attack .Cheap Nike NFL Elite Jerseys
The Seahawks sitting home advantage from a full opening to fire , not only are the top five times to get the ball scores, including one which is then brushed Brisbane pass by Michael – Bennett (Michael Bennett) back to the attack 22 yard touchdown completion . 3 touchdowns plus 2 free kick making the Seahawks in the first half to get the lead 27 to 7 .Cheap Nike Kids Custom Jerseys
Wilson 30 pass the whole game 22 advancing 310 yards , came three touchdowns, no interceptions . While only 38 pass 23 in Brisbane , advancing 147 yards , 1 touchdown. Number less than 200 yards passing yards Brisbane unable to continue making the impact of 45 consecutive games over 200 yards in the NFL passing record , just under two regrettable .

Falls (Nick Foles) will serve as the Philadelphia Eagles’


Nick – Falls (Nick Foles) will serve as the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback for the rest of the season game .
Coach Chip – Falls and Kelly Tuesday morning and met Michael Vick , the two men explained this decision.
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“Nick will be our starter, ” Kelly said. “I hope Mike can restore all the training this week, he will be the backup quarterback .” Kelly said if no injury occurs , Fowles will be the rest of the game this season as the team ‘s starting quarterback all .Wholesale Womens NFL jerseys
Vick in training camp to win the starting quarterback with the contention of the Falls . But Vick on October 6 in the leg ligament injury , Fowles became the starter. In the game against the Oakland Raiders in the game he came seven touchdowns , tying the NFL record , and led the team to a three- game winning streak, the Hawks and the Dallas Cowboys are tied for first in the NL East .Cheap NFL Women’s Custom Jerseys
November Fowles ‘s passer rating of 152.8 is the highest in NFL history for a single month . In a recent interview Vick also admitted Fowles worthy starting position. ” If we do not win the game , I could be very upset, ” Vick said.

Ross Ellis Berg hopes after the season offseason to seek the possibility of being traded


Quarterback Ben – Ross Ellis Berg hopes after the season offseason to seek the possibility of being traded, and left him for 10 years has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.Wholesale Jerseys
So what is the reason to make it to Italy Big initiation, according to Rapoport said, mainly for two reasons: the team’s record and money. Big Ben has twice helped the Steelers won the Super Bowl trophy next season, his salary was $ 12 million, then the next season is $ 11 million. And a lot of big league quarterback in the annual salary of about $ 20 million.Cheap Custom Jerseys
Another problem is the offensive coordinator Todd – Haley existence. According to reports, the Steelers president Art – Wayne Rooney decided to allow Haley to coach one season, which makes Big distressed. Big Ben and Haley have been trying to achieve results through cooperation, but the result is the team’s offensive performance is not satisfactory.
Steelers and Big Ben have denied the trade rumors, but the Steelers Big Ben in the future is bound to be in the spotlight this offseason.Wholesale Hero Cape

Marshall and Jeffrey total catch of the season reached

Marshall and Jeffrey total catch of the season reached 1,521 yards, is the combination of all NFL teams catcher highest , came in second place is the Denver Broncos Derma Cornelius – Thomas and Eric – Germany kerr , the two combined ball 1,514 yards.Cheap Jerseys From China

“Data do not lie ,” Marshall said. “There is no doubt that the two of us now is the NFL ‘s top wide receiver combination , this is my pride . Previously I have tried to become the league’s best wide receiver and now I just want to make this a vibrant combination of courage . ”
Since last year, the transfer from the Miami Dolphins Bears since Marshall with 178 catches rank league , 19 touchdowns tied for second place, 2,294 yard catch in fourth place .
Marshall, 118 catches last season, advancing 1,508 yards to break the team record. But other Bears players nobody catch more than 29 times. This season, Marshall is still the number one Bears catcher , he currently has 60 catches for 786 yards and eight touchdowns advance . But the opponent’s defense group should meet budding Jeffrey , Jeffrey this season with 47 catches for 735 yards and three touchdowns advance . “This is more conducive to our offense ,” Marshall said. “If they want to use two people to defend me, Al Sean will form one of the situation .”Wholesale Womens NFL jerseys
Jeffery this season to have explosive performance, may be due to this offseason and Marshall in Florida training together . Jeffrey ‘s performance but also to offensive coordinator Aaron – Ke Luomo left a deep impression. “Al Sean has a very efficient this season ‘s performance , ” Ke Luomo said. “Every game he contributed a very good data , whether it is in training or in the warm-up , his footwork is very correct .”Cheap NFL Women’s Custom Jerseys

when the Lions came to the University of Phoenix Stadium


“All the great words to describe can be used to describe the night of the game,” Giants coach Tom – Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said, “I looked at him (Peyton) playing his mind lingering patience, he could not mistake the case, the constant pressure defense group to each other. ”

The first two were named to the Pro Bowl season, Peterson believes that Fitzgerald was the league’s best wide receiver, but the 2012 season, the title belongs to Johnson, the best wide receiver. “Last season he made ​​for his great contribution to the team, he and Matthew – Stafford got together all those yardage,” Peterson said. “I will not other players ranked in front of my teammates and I believe Larry is still the best in the sport outside to take over.”

Sunday, when the Lions came to the University of Phoenix Stadium, the Peterson must go all out last season, “Megatron” broke Jerry – Rice (Jerry Rice) maintained for 20 years from the single-season catch record, and his career total has reached 7,873 yards from the ball, and then you can go beyond 123 yards on Rice’s another record – with the least competition to achieve the ball over 8000 yards, Johnson not only has far exceeded cornerback body, and the speed and ball technology are good, all with his right cornerback position is like a nightmare done.

Peterson (Patrick Peterson) and Johnson on the bit will be the biggest game Aspect


Payton also Indianapolis Colts, respectively, and 10 in 2006 won the previous two years, “Manning Bowl.” But the second “Manning Bowl” Until now, Payton has received four neck surgery, and therefore missed the entire 2011 season, and later left the pony came Broncos. Meanwhile, Eli won his second Super Bowl championship.

Topic is the beginning, when talking about Eric Anse Cardinals Sunday’s game with the Lions, he thinks Cardinals cornerback Patrick – Peterson (Patrick Peterson) and Johnson on the bit will be the biggest game Aspect. “In my opinion Patrick might be the league’s best cornerback, and he will have to face the league’s best wide receiver.” Eric Ainsworth said.
In order to deal with “Megatron” last season, the Packers Tela Meng – Williams (Tramon Williams) will be taken as his nickname “Optimus Prime” (Optimus Prime), Peterson said he will not do that. “that security guard Shilashade – Johnson (Rashad Johnson) nickname, I have my own name. “

LMAO you’re hilarious bro, love your videos.


“Put that wildcat away, send that bitch to the pound”

LMAO you’re hilarious bro, love your videos.

you got lucky on the INT. Had that not happen, it would have looked different

this dudes hilarious lol. I used to play madden w/ my father back then, were talking 90’s. I stopped after 08 or 09 i think (went to fighting games like street fighter) and i gotta say, you make me want to get back into it haha. Great videos man.

peyton manning is amazing one of the best QUATERBACKS ever he got 7tds yesterday on friday thats a record in the nfl

Parashikim: Giants e hënë ekspeditë Dallas Cowboys shpresojmë për të thyer rekordin e turpshme


Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants në rivalit të rrethit të njëjtë. Që Cowboys në vitin 2009 u zhvendos në një shtëpi të re pasi Giants nuk kanë qenë në këtë beat, ata presin për të thyer këtë rekord turpshme. Futbollit europian channel, PPTV, simuzikë, si Tencent do të transmetohet lojën, ju lutemi të shikojnë!Wholesale Jerseys for sale

New Giants York shikojmë përpara për sezonin e ri nga performanca zhgënjyese të vitit të kaluar në miting, ndërsa Cowboys kanë qenë në gjendje për të hyrë në playoffs për tre vjet rresht, këtë verë gjithashtu, dhe Tony – Romo një rinovim i madh kontratë, më shumë ata ndjejnë presionin.Wholesale MLB Jerseys
Kjo rivalët do të takohen në ndeshjen e parë është i detyruar të bëjë dy lojtarët luajnë frymën e dymbëdhjetë, në funksion të Giants në AT & T Arena duke u përpjekur parrahur, ndërsa kauboj është shumë e dëshirueshme për të thyer këtë rekord turpshme.
2012 sezon, Giants humbur para tetë lojra në pesë ndeshje, rekord sezon është vetëm 9-7, jo i denjë për titullin e saj 2011 Super Bowl marra. Sidomos në dhjetor 16 dhe 23, respektivisht kundër Fajkojtë dhe Ravens dy ndeshje, në veçanti, njerëzit e pakënaqur me punën e palës tjetër mori një total prej 67 pikë, ndërsa dy gjigandët lojërat korrjes vetëm 14 pikë.
Problemet Mbrojtëse të ekspozuar pllakosur ekipin gjatë gjithë sezonit. New York mesatarisht 383,4 oborre të lejuara njëri-tjetrin për të marrë në kampionat renditet e 31. Giants kanë pasur një të kalojë ligës më të mirë nxiton aftësinë, rezultatet e korrjes vetëm 33 thasë, renditet e 22 në kampionat. Tom – Traineri Coughlin dhe kolegët e tij janë duke u përpjekur për të korrigjuar çështjen anti-drejtuar. Në offseason, ata ri brenda sulm, por mbrojtja Nju Jorkut mund të përmirësojë ndoshta një pjesë e madhe e tyre mund të zgjidhet me kapacitet transmetues portreti impuls. “Për ne, gjëja më e rëndësishme është që të qëndrojnë të shëndetshme,” fund mbrojtëse Justin – Tucker (Justin Tuck), tha se ai ishte në kërkim përpara për sezonin e ri të gjigantit shtetëror tubim shumë në një lojtar, “Ne të gjithë e dimë për të arritur majën se si duhet të bëni. “Wholesale Indianapolis Colts Jerseys

NFL’s Concussion Lawsuit Settlement, Is It Enough?


The NFL has agreed to spend close to $800 million to diagnose and compensate potentially thousands of retired players who develop dementia and other brain disorders they blame on the violent, bone-crunching collisions that pro football has long celebrated in its highlight reels.

The settlement, which is subject to approval by a federal judge, was announced Thursday after months of court-ordered mediation. It came just days before the first game of the 2013 season, removing a major legal and financial threat hanging over the NFL.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

Some people are brainwashed into believing they are defending their country. But the majority are “look the other way” conservatives with all the evidence in the world showing our military DOES NOT support our interests. They fight for corporate injustice and special interests. They have no problem committing war crimes. If you don’t want PTSD don’t sign up to kill. Would you work as an assassin? No you wouldn’t. The military is a step down from that. The shady shit has just become semi-legal.