NFL Preseason more than the end of the second week of competition, the focus of the war is undoubtedly sits at home in Houston Texans 20-9 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams another home victory over the Kansas City Chiefs 31-17.

Houston Texans defensive tough team to face the San Francisco 49ers in the ground offensive adverse circumstances, the final • With quarterback Matt Schaub (Matt Schaub) excellent play, hold the home for the team, “Biography” out a victory.
Face each other rushing defense last season, ranks first among the league’s 49 teams, all-star Texans running back Arian • Foster (Arian Foster) does not open up the situation, 10 times the ball forward 46 yards, basically no one help the team get the first attack. Fortunately, an experienced wide receiver Andrew Schaub timely connection • Johnson (Andre Johnson) and Everett Lester • Jean (Lestar Jean), by the latter for the team to get the full match up to the first one matrix. Schaub in the game completed 14 of 11 passes to get 128 yards and a touchdown.
This season favorite 49ers, face the same good defensive Texans defensive group had trouble the whole game without any advance to the other red zone opportunities, kicker David • Yake Si (David Akers) three kick 9 points for the team, including two over 50 yards free kick hit. • starting quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) there is nothing in the game highlights, nine passes completed five times, get 49 yards. Foreigners brilliant career took Randy Moss • (Randy Moss) in the game and completed three passes for 24 yards. Another bad news is that the summer transfer to the big man • running back Brandon Jacobs (Brandon Jacobs) leave the game injured in the second quarter.
Another game in the Rams’ champion Lang “• quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) in the first five minutes of the opening even take two touchdowns early in the game brought to victory rhythm. • Powerful running back Stephen Jackson (Steven Jackson) breakthrough is still efficient, seven times the ball forward 49 yards. Defense group 5 sack Chiefs quarterback, also received a steals and one forcing the other off the ball. Both ends of excellent play, helping the team to hold the home. Competition Bradford 9 passes completed six times to get 102 yards and two touchdowns.