NFL2012 season the first week of preseason games and game six games, including the Cleveland Browns to rely on a free kick hit near the whistle to 19-17 lore of the Detroit Lions home game. The New York Jets team in the road to 6-17 defeat the Cincinnati Bengals.

Jeff – Wall Swift 28 seconds before the whistle kicked 45 yards free kick, helping the Browns beat the Lions. Lions 6:05 before the whistle had prevented the Browns two-point conversion attempt, so in order to stay ahead 17-16, but they did not stick to the end. Rookie Brandon – Verden as Browns starting quarterback, completed 9 passes three times, advancing 62 yards, 1 steals, 1 off the ball.
Lions backup quarterback Shaun – Hill performed well in the first half, with a touchdown pass and a successful offensive organization ultimately by running back Williams rushing touchdowns. Full match Hill 12 passes 8, advancing 83 yards. Lions 14-3 first half lead. However, mutations in the second half the situation after coming off the bench, Brown halftime 16-3, the ultimate success of reversal.
Jets side, Mark – Sanchez remains as the starting quarterback, completed six passes four times, advancing 21 yards. Tim – Thibaudet played as a substitute in the Jets’ first show. 8 passes four times to complete, one steals, and he also rushed the ball four times to try to promote the 34 yards.