San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Austin respectively, and – Collie (Austin Collie) and raver – Hawkins (Lavelle Hawkins) signed a one-year work contract, they had all participated in the 49ers workout.
49ers do so in order to help solve the problem of injuries catcher group. 49ers began the pre-season training camp last week, but the team’s top wide receiver Michael – Crabtree Since May Achilles tendon tear in the absence of at least half the season, while there are three access players also missed training this week some time.
Corley past four seasons are playing the Indianapolis Colts, but last season due to injuries he only played one game. Effectiveness for the Colts in his first three seasons, a total of 173 times the ball. Hawkins on Wednesday by the New England Patriots fired, after he played for the Tennessee Titans worked five seasons, the 2011 season he had 47 catches, a total of 71 times in Tennessee ball.
Last season took place outside had 10 career starts Mario – Manningham since last Dec. 23 knee injury has not yet been attended training. Kyle – Williams last season and Manningham, like torn knee ligaments this week, as the leg ligament injury did not participate in the training.