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Broncos have now Thomas Wilk and Dirk so luxurious ball lineup, then foreigners receiver Andre – Caldwell (Andre Caldwell) will be less and less opportunity. Caldwell last season, especially in the offensive group and into the group played a total of 142 rounds in the attack received a second 18 yards passing, the contribution of a SWAT team tackles, cut Cadville will save 90 Wan.

Running back Norther – Moreno (Knowshon Moreno) during the 2012 season without any act, became a rookie Ronnie – Hillman (Ronnie Hillman) and Lance – Bor (Lance Ball) after bench, cut Moreno You can make 1.7 million salary cap space.
Thorny expiring contract
After the end of the season, the Broncos only the individual player will become a non-restricted free agent, key players, only Dirk and linebacker Wesley – Woodyard (Wesley Woodyard). Woodyard last season replacement DJ Williams (DJ Williams) outstanding performance, the Broncos scored the highest 114 tackles, 5.5 sacks, nine forced lost yardage tackles and nine on the quarterback shocks.
Dirk and Woodyard are likely to become the franchise tag players, however, is expected to Dirk and Woodyard future franchise tag contract will reach 10,282,000 and 9,407,000. Broncos already limited cap space will go straight to 100 million 23 million, so if the salary cap up, then franchise tag contract increases.


Broncos next season will be the first opportunity to root 2011 Best Defensive Rookie, two Pro Bowl linebacker Von – Miller (Von Miller) start to begin negotiations on a contract extension, Miller will highlight the role since entering the league, and through his head two 30 sack performance has become the league’s most efficient players. Mustang in the May 3, 2014 after they can be used with Miller on his five-year renewal option of contract negotiations, if the 2014 season, Miller has been labeled franchise tag, then he needs to play at least 50 percent of the defensive bout , while the 2014 season, linebacker franchise tag contract will reach 8.4 million.http://www.startsjerseys.com/