New York Jets on Sunday were adjusted on the roster, signed a three abandoned roster of players, including Green Bay Packers last season, the team’s top red player Alex – Green (Alex Green).Cheap Nike Kids Jerseys

Green last season for the Packers rushed the ball 464 yards, despite Jets running back in the 3rd position with Cahill – Bell strength so good players, teams or signed Green. Green is a 2011 third-round pick, because Packers rookie Eddie – Lacey appeared he became the team can give up the object.Cheap Nike NFL Cape
In the Jets in the rebuilding of the backcourt, Green as Chris – Avery and Bilal – Powell on the bench. Jets and Mike – Goodson, but he was suspended for four games in the penalty period. In order to leave space to sign Green, the Jets sacked Bell, Bell in four preseason games rushed the ball 114 yards, is the team rushed the ball up to the player.
Jets also stepped up the offensive line depth, signed former Colts’ second-round pick tackle Ben Ijalana. Ijalana first two seasons have suffered a knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, only played four games. Jets array currently has 10 offensive linemen.Wholesale NFL Jersey usa
The Jets also signed former Tennessee Titans defensive end Scott – Solomon, Solomon is possible Jets 3-4 defensive formation in the reform to play outside linebacker. The last year’s No. 7 pick last season, participated in 13 games, with four tackles.
Linebacker Danny – Lansana was fired, another linebacker Josh – Mora was placed on the injured reserve list, which is Ijalana and Solomon in the roster to stay out of space.