Payton also Indianapolis Colts, respectively, and 10 in 2006 won the previous two years, “Manning Bowl.” But the second “Manning Bowl” Until now, Payton has received four neck surgery, and therefore missed the entire 2011 season, and later left the pony came Broncos. Meanwhile, Eli won his second Super Bowl championship.

Topic is the beginning, when talking about Eric Anse Cardinals Sunday’s game with the Lions, he thinks Cardinals cornerback Patrick – Peterson (Patrick Peterson) and Johnson on the bit will be the biggest game Aspect. “In my opinion Patrick might be the league’s best cornerback, and he will have to face the league’s best wide receiver.” Eric Ainsworth said.
In order to deal with “Megatron” last season, the Packers Tela Meng – Williams (Tramon Williams) will be taken as his nickname “Optimus Prime” (Optimus Prime), Peterson said he will not do that. “that security guard Shilashade – Johnson (Rashad Johnson) nickname, I have my own name. “