“All the great words to describe can be used to describe the night of the game,” Giants coach Tom – Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said, “I looked at him (Peyton) playing his mind lingering patience, he could not mistake the case, the constant pressure defense group to each other. ”

The first two were named to the Pro Bowl season, Peterson believes that Fitzgerald was the league’s best wide receiver, but the 2012 season, the title belongs to Johnson, the best wide receiver. “Last season he made ​​for his great contribution to the team, he and Matthew – Stafford got together all those yardage,” Peterson said. “I will not other players ranked in front of my teammates and I believe Larry is still the best in the sport outside to take over.”

Sunday, when the Lions came to the University of Phoenix Stadium, the Peterson must go all out last season, “Megatron” broke Jerry – Rice (Jerry Rice) maintained for 20 years from the single-season catch record, and his career total has reached 7,873 yards from the ball, and then you can go beyond 123 yards on Rice’s another record – with the least competition to achieve the ball over 8000 yards, Johnson not only has far exceeded cornerback body, and the speed and ball technology are good, all with his right cornerback position is like a nightmare done.