Marshall and Jeffrey total catch of the season reached 1,521 yards, is the combination of all NFL teams catcher highest , came in second place is the Denver Broncos Derma Cornelius – Thomas and Eric – Germany kerr , the two combined ball 1,514 yards.Cheap Jerseys From China

“Data do not lie ,” Marshall said. “There is no doubt that the two of us now is the NFL ‘s top wide receiver combination , this is my pride . Previously I have tried to become the league’s best wide receiver and now I just want to make this a vibrant combination of courage . ”
Since last year, the transfer from the Miami Dolphins Bears since Marshall with 178 catches rank league , 19 touchdowns tied for second place, 2,294 yard catch in fourth place .
Marshall, 118 catches last season, advancing 1,508 yards to break the team record. But other Bears players nobody catch more than 29 times. This season, Marshall is still the number one Bears catcher , he currently has 60 catches for 786 yards and eight touchdowns advance . But the opponent’s defense group should meet budding Jeffrey , Jeffrey this season with 47 catches for 735 yards and three touchdowns advance . “This is more conducive to our offense ,” Marshall said. “If they want to use two people to defend me, Al Sean will form one of the situation .”Wholesale Womens NFL jerseys
Jeffery this season to have explosive performance, may be due to this offseason and Marshall in Florida training together . Jeffrey ‘s performance but also to offensive coordinator Aaron – Ke Luomo left a deep impression. “Al Sean has a very efficient this season ‘s performance , ” Ke Luomo said. “Every game he contributed a very good data , whether it is in training or in the warm-up , his footwork is very correct .”Cheap NFL Women’s Custom Jerseys