Quarterback Ben – Ross Ellis Berg hopes after the season offseason to seek the possibility of being traded, and left him for 10 years has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.Wholesale Jerseys
So what is the reason to make it to Italy Big initiation, according to Rapoport said, mainly for two reasons: the team’s record and money. Big Ben has twice helped the Steelers won the Super Bowl trophy next season, his salary was $ 12 million, then the next season is $ 11 million. And a lot of big league quarterback in the annual salary of about $ 20 million.Cheap Custom Jerseys
Another problem is the offensive coordinator Todd – Haley existence. According to reports, the Steelers president Art – Wayne Rooney decided to allow Haley to coach one season, which makes Big distressed. Big Ben and Haley have been trying to achieve results through cooperation, but the result is the team’s offensive performance is not satisfactory.
Steelers and Big Ben have denied the trade rumors, but the Steelers Big Ben in the future is bound to be in the spotlight this offseason.Wholesale Hero Cape