Aaron – during Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) due to broken collarbone sidelined , the Green Bay Packers record of only one draw and four losses , although this is not enough to allow them to withdraw from the National League North playoff spot competition.2013 Cheap Jerseys
Rogers is currently on the comeback this season, the message can vary. Before Thanksgiving Day game Rogers had accepted an interview with ESPN , he expressed the hope that he could return in Week 14 against the Atlanta Falcons in the game . But the NFL Radio Network Ian – Rapoport and ESPN – Chris Mortensen were revealed on Sunday , the Packers again in order to prevent injuries Rogers could not let him back on the court this season .Cheap Trade Nike NFL Jerseys
“Although Rogers ‘s determination to enhance the comeback , but sources said the doctors are more willing to take a conservative approach , and the decision-making Packers also very contradictory , ” Mortensen writes. “In particular, the case does not have enough confidence in the team reached the Super Bowl the next .”Cheap NFL Men’s Custom Jerseys
After the defeat to the Lions team , Packers coach Mike – McCarthy sidelined for Rogers expressed feelings of regret . “You can not be all things pinned on one person , but apparently Rogers is too important for us .”
Packers will play Sunday at home against the Falcons , after which they will challenge the Dallas Cowboys on the road , the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears .