The game is known as the League of Nations finals preview , Saints and Seahawks are showing these two teams compete for the National League champion ‘s strength , this season the two teams have never lost at home , but today’s game in Seattle conducted .Cheap Jerseys

In the passion of the home fans cry , accustomed to the warm climate of the South and the home of the Saints came to Seattle in the room seemed to be somewhat acclimatized. Saints three times before the ball did not get the first attack , creating an embarrassing record : Sean – Payton (Sean Peyton) Gardner Rub Rees (Drew Brees) teacher and student were the first group since 2006 three times before the ball did not get a first attack .Cheap Nike NFL Elite Jerseys
The Seahawks sitting home advantage from a full opening to fire , not only are the top five times to get the ball scores, including one which is then brushed Brisbane pass by Michael – Bennett (Michael Bennett) back to the attack 22 yard touchdown completion . 3 touchdowns plus 2 free kick making the Seahawks in the first half to get the lead 27 to 7 .Cheap Nike Kids Custom Jerseys
Wilson 30 pass the whole game 22 advancing 310 yards , came three touchdowns, no interceptions . While only 38 pass 23 in Brisbane , advancing 147 yards , 1 touchdown. Number less than 200 yards passing yards Brisbane unable to continue making the impact of 45 consecutive games over 200 yards in the NFL passing record , just under two regrettable .